Google Mayday Update, Why Was I Responsible For The Nickname

Being a veteran poster and contributor on many webmaster forums and blogs (with few nicknames), chiefly on http://www.webmasterworld.comI am known as dusky. That fateful day (and glorious day for some), May 1st 2010, thousands of webmasters noticed what I was predicting all along was meant to happen, an Algorithm update. On countless occasions, Google employees always denied that Google’s Infrastructure swap codenamed Caffeine was meant to move data and their colossus index to a more efficient storing architecture and no Algorithm update was planned, i.e the two were not happening at the same time. Continue reading

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Welcome to dusky’s blognal

I’ll be updating this page, so stay tuned, I just started the site. I’ll be ranting and raving about all sorts of stuff, mainly in the SEO, web development, Web-hosting, ¬†Linux and Windows, Networking etc.

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